Even though I’ve been writing and drawing Supernatural Law for years, and while Wolff & Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre ( my main characters) remain a passion for me, there are times when I get an idea that just doesn’t fit in the Supernatural Law concept. And very often, usually on a bike ride to and from my studio, I’d think of ideas that, on consideration, might warrant its own series. The First Gentleman of the Apocalypse is one such idea. It grew out of a love for vintage clothes, a distain for bureaucracy, and a concern for where we’re all heading!

 I came up with The First Gentleman of the Apocalypse several years ago, developing in on the side while I worked on scripts for Archie: Freshman Year, Radioactive Man for Bongo Comics and, of course, Supernatural Law. But I never had an outlet for my new character; I didn’t want to self-publish, since self-publishing, as well as writing and drawing Supernatural Law was a full time job already! 

In conjunction with the print comic, I began to move Supernatural Law online as a webcomic to reach a wider audience and the chance to do the strip in color. It was becoming evident, in this digital age, that readers didn’t mind getting their comics online. I thought a cartoonist had the best of both worlds now: reach the new reader online with new material, eventually collecting that content in print.

In a nice bit of timing, enter David Lloyd. He contacted me about his exciting new start up, ACES Weekly, and inquired if I had a new series to contribute. Well! In the time it took to publish four volumes of ACES, I finally cleared my drawing board and got The First Gentleman of the Apocalypse cleaned up, dressed and presentable enough for him join the other unique comics in ACES’s volume V.

I hope you enjoy the series and let me know what you think. But keep it civil . . . after all, aren’t we all “looking for a little class in a world shot to hell?”

Batton Lash

Return of the Human

By JC Vaughn and Mark Wheatly.

A thousand years after humanity abandoned the poisoned Earth to build an empire across the stars, one man returns. Lance McCoy finds the Mother Planet is more than anyone suspected. But will it be enough to save his Galactic Civilisation from a relentless attack that seems designed to exterminate mankind?

This is a sequential story told in a revolutionary new manner – and we’re proud to present this in the opening volume of our revolutionary new digital magazine. 

Alexandre Tefenkgi

I started in the comic books industry when I was a student in St-Luc working on short stories for a Belgian magazine “Le journal de Spirou”. At about the same time I was contacted by a French publisher to work on a short story for a collective book. Just a few months later, when I arrived at the international comics convention in Angoulême I met, through my workshop partner Mauricet, another French publisher Bamboo Edition  for whom I have produced three albums. I’m still working with them today on a new project.

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Esteban Hernández

Esteban Hernández was born in 1979 (Ciudad Real-Spain), he graduated in Fine Arts in Valencia where he still lives. While editing his own fanzine called “USTED”, his first album “Culpable e Historias Cortas” was published in Bang Ediciones (2007). Next year “USTED” was nominated as the best fanzine at the Comic Fairs in Barcelona and Madrid, and Dolmen Editorial published his next work “Quattrocento” (2008). After that, a comic book named “Sueter” (2009) was published in Planeta DeAgostini in Spain and Italy. In November 2010 Sin Sentido published ¡Pintor! after it came 3rd in the FNAC-SIN SENTIDO International Contest. Currently he has a new comic book published by Ediciones De Ponent called “El Duelo”. Esteban’s fanzine has also been awarded best fanzine in the 30th International Comic Fair in Barcelona.

His work has also appeared in Spanish satire magazine (El Jueves), children’s publications (Tretzevents), literary publications (Quimera) and comic magazines (El Manglar) and has illustrated text books for Oxford University Press (Spain).


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